Hmmm... where shall I start. A girl with many dif. sides/faces. Intense, sensitive, a lot of highs... but that meens some lows too. Love to be around people who are open and honest. Just dare to be themselfs. I like a good party, but can also enjoy being at home. With friends, or alone... watch a movie, listen to music etc. Can be creative too, handy hands. You can also find me on the beach, with my Thommy (brown Lab.). We're together most of the time, even on my travels. I Love traveling, seeing dif. cultures, meeting people from all over the world. Sleeping in a tent, underneath the stars, 5 star hotel, big suitcase or just a backpack... I enjoy it all! Yet... there's one favorite... cabin/hut on the beach, lonely island! Fresh fruits in the morning, sun on my face, just being outdoors, sea,,, sigh! Feel like packing again!

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